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Overall, I would say that is the biggest take home message I got from this article: Do not be predicable. Make your home less of a target by making it less vulnerable, and make it hidden if the home is vulnerable such as when you are on vacation. Should your home be broken into despite all precautions, do not keep your valuables where they will be easily found and place the most valuable small items in a secure safe. The statistics can show you where burglars have made progress and give a reliable indicator for what a burglar looks for when targeting a home. Taking precautions to avoid those likely scenarios will help you and your family keep from becoming part of the statistic yourselves. I like this aspect of the law, since entering a structure without breaking in, such as walking through an unlocked door to a dorm, is still a crime, and if the person did not steal anything it would be difficult to prove in court that there was any intent. Talk to your school, your community, your organization about keeping your community safe!Welcome to Home Security California, one place on the web where you can find helpful information about setting up a security camera system in California.

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There’s certainly no way to overcome its reliance on your broadband connection.


Kobetz's view that criminals will try new tactics as home security improves, and that car jackings will likely increase.


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