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ADT saved my family’s life by having monitored fire protection. There is no price tag on my family’s safety. Hi Debbie, thanks for the insight and sharing your experience with ADT with us. I can assure you that Michelle is a very informed expert when it comes to home security and is not an employee of Frontpoint. She has provided A Secure Life with many outstanding articles and has great insight on the home security field. I am happy to hear that you have had 15 years of great service from ADT but unfortunately this isn’t always the case from them. You can read some of the negative comments we’ve received in our other articles like thread and However, to be fair, all companies have negative and positive comments and for your situation we are pleased to hear about your great experience and hope that it continues!Each person has their own needs when it comes to a security system and while some want a monitored system others cannot afford it and go the DIY route. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all on the same team here and just want safety for our families, home and property. There are some very strong points that have been made. I agree, most, if not all national companies do not have month to month no term contracts; however, most local alarm companies will have month to month options. This is one of their competitive advantages; local businesses are having to adjust their business models to maintain their competitive hold on the market. We also triggered each system a minimum of five times to gauge reaction times for the monitoring company.

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No, the system isn't fancy, but to deter a would be burglar, you may not need anything more than a burst of very loud noise at precisely the right time.


The biggest advantage Frontpoint has over the competition is dedicated 100% wireless connection and dedicated cellular communication.


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